Welcome to Geek with a Cause

A place for high school students to help bridge the digital divide through community outreach.

Geek-with-a-Cause is a non-profit organization devoted to inspiring tech-savvy high school students to mobilize their passion and knowledge of technology for social change. The organization is founded on the premise that with the right tools, high school students can empower underserved non-profit and social enterprises seeking digital technology tools, education, or training that don’t have the resources to hire technical experts.


Provide a powerful combination of

  • digital technologies
  • vocational training
  • coding instruction

to motivated K-12 students from underrepresented and underserved communities through peer teaching.


  • Provide local social causes with equitable access to digital technologies and assist with training.
  • Increase local community awareness of the use of technology to find solutions to social problems.


Develop customized technology and software tools for social causes.

1. The Geek community

We want to unite geeks to build a community where they help each others and also reach out to help the world.

2. Helping the less tech-fortunate

We want to create a platform where geeks can help the less fortunate in their community, by donating their old equipments, or tutoring the less fortunate in their community

3. Let geeks be geeks

We want geeks to be proud to be geeks.

Lets make the world a better place

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